Durban , KwaZulu-Natal

Tafta established in 1958 inspires a life worth living for the elder community in KwaZulu-Natal. Our mission is to encourage and promote active ageing in older people-to live as independent members of the community for as long as possible. Our aim is to alleviate distress of the elderly and the vulnerable by using our resources in the most effective and efficient manner and where the need is greatest. Tafta provides holistic care and support to approximately 1% of KwaZulu-Natal’s elderly population through our 13 homes and 5 wellness centres. through:

  1.  Creating enabling and supporting environments through fit, assisted living and frail care accommodation as well as ageing in the community environment programmes.
  2.  Community based care and support services through home based care, nutrition, counseling and therapeutic services, recreational activities through our life style centres, social support access, community upliftment activities.
  3. Education and awareness: skills development, capacity building programmes, awareness and training programmes.
  4. Protection and promotion of rights of the elderly through engagement with key local, provincial, national and international based forums advocating for the rights of the elderly.

On a monthly basis Tafta reaches 1963 elders through shelter and 5,500 elders and vulnerable persons through its community awareness programmes. Our care over the past year includes:

  • 347 elderly through home-based care.
  • 3283 elderly through our clubs.
  • 15121 elderly through our meals on wheels programme.
  • 31905 home visits through our care practitioners.
  • 28 community outreach projects.
  • Administration of medication to 630 elderly.
  • 150 frail elderly.
  • 1963 elders with accommodation.
  • Holistic care to 113 assisted living elders