I pledge to unite in the fight against woman abuse


Pledges Made

Get Help

If you’re in an abusive situation or know a woman who is being abused, the first step to getting out, is getting help. ForWomen is an information hub that offers a growing network of causes, all fighting to bring woman abuse to an end. Connect with any of them, quickly and easily, to get the help you need.

Give Help

The power to end woman abuse is in all of our hands. Whether it is in the form of volunteering time or skills, or donating goods and money, there is something each of us can do to make a real difference. Connect with causes in the ForWomen network to see how you can become part of the solution.

Register Your Cause

By registering your cause, you are joining a growing network of support, gaining exposure opportunities for the amazing work you do, and opening yourself up to collaboration opportunities, all with the aim of bringing women abuse to an end.