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Johannesburg , Gauteng

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3 Fairbridge Rd
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Cape Town

We have various projects which help us with our mission of empowering women and the local youth.

PROJECT 1: Women

We aim to empower women to be independent and motivated by offering entrepreneurial skills like baking and knitting. To help victims of different social issues to break the silence - build new images of themselves and to help them grow in their community.

PROJECT 2: (Art & Culture) Women Skills

We provide material to assist women with craft work. We also promote and encourage entrepreneurial skills and we provide counseling to victims of abuse, and encouragement to single mothers. Our aim is to promote entrepreneurial skills and support our community groups.

PROJECT 3: Support groups

We offer care for caregivers, counseling for youth and old people. We aim to have counseling sessions, and interactive talking sessions, to help victims of different social issues increase their self-esteem to help them grow into their community.

PROJECT 4: Skill Development


  • Sport
  • Art & Culture
  • Life Skills

We aim to encourage positive behavior amongst the youth of Orange Farm by games, reading and writing.

PROJECT 5: (Art & Culture) Youth Programs

Activities include: Traditional dance, Poetry-sessions, Debating, Crafting, Drama, Story telling and Music


  • To educate our youth and protect them from the streets – and do talent scouting
  • To uplift the Youth
  • To show them that there is fun beside sex, alcohol, drugs and many more negative things
  • Showing them the fun of competing

PROJECT 6: Life Skills for the Youth

Activities include: Homework Sessions, Youth club, Computer skills, Writing of CV’s, Filling of application forms, Interviews To enhancing life skill motivate positive behavior almagest young people of orange farm by game reading and writing.

PROJECT 7: Sport and cultural educational games

Activities include: Netball, Soccer, Chess, Skipping, Murabaraba.