The Angel Network

Johannesburg , Gauteng

The Angel Network is a registered NPO (181-947NPO). Our goal is to create a ‘gateway for giving’. A platform that enables and mobilises acts of kindness. Using the power of social media, we provide a way to offer help wherever help is needed, by giving a hand up… not a handout.

Since November 2015, we have facilitated the implementation of feeding schemes, sanitation, clothing donations, and education to the homeless. Not to mention the provision of supplies to schools, maternity homes, orphanages and outreach centres in 6 provinces across South Africa.

Together with input and assistance from over 25 000 dedicated Facebook members, volunteers and sponsors, we continue to provide unwavering support to thousands of underprivileged people across the country. This we do in effort to alleviate poverty and social injustices, and by working closely with these communities, we hope to empower them by helping them reach their full potential, so that they may become contributing members of society.