Cape Town , Western Cape

Tel: 021 979 8729 or 082 554 8831
Email: [email protected]


27 De Villiers Drive, Durbanville, 7550

STAND provides direct, professional and registered treatment services at no cost to the most vulnerable communities. We do this through our community-based outpatient substance abuse treatment programme and our equine assisted therapy programmes. 

The objectives of STAND are: 

  1. To provide accredited and professional treatment to individuals, families, children and youth affected by substance abuse, and sexual and violent abuse in disadvantaged and rural communities. 
  2. To develop and deliver sustainable support programmes focused on reducing high negative risk factors that children and youth are exposed to in disadvantaged communities. 
  3. To provide, deliver and co-ordinate education initiatives to prevent substance abuse, and sexual and violent abuse in rural and disadvantaged communities. 
  4. To promote and protect family stability and wellbeing, as well as develop and deliver programmes and initiatives in collaboration with other organisations that work with vulnerable people and animals in disadvantaged communities. 

The people we work with come from various social backgrounds, although most are predominantly from impoverished rural, gang and drug-ridden circumstances. Our work is paving the way for innovative approaches to treating trauma and substance abuse with the purpose of helping survivors and substance abusers heal and reclaim their lives.