Mitchells Plain , Western Cape

NEAD COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NPC is committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of a sustainable and progressive social development environment.

Its vision is to provide community development services that are constitutionally sound and upholds the human rights of local communities. The organization takes pride to deliver all its programmes holistically to ensure that the entire community is served and not only a select few.

NEAD supports the organizational well-being of start-up non profits and small businesses by providing registration education services.

All unregistered non profits and small businesses in the Tafelsig area are recruited and assisted to register their organizations and businesses. Successfully recruited non profits and small businesses attend training workshops on good governance, financial management, fundraising, project management, report writing, marketing and human resource development.

NEAD also provide a platform promoting opportunities to support and connect communities in business, through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, and developing and recognizing excellence in small business owners.

NEAD supports youth success in academics, extracurricular activities, peer and family relationships, and avoiding drugs, alcohol, and contacts with law enforcement. NEAD’s Case Management helps young adults obtain training, career development, and life skills resources. We provide the Empower and Achieve mentoring program, matching high risk Tafelsig children and youth with adult mentors who are role models in the community. Our after school tutoring programme serve struggling youth each week with their school work.

NEAD also offers an after school dance program that teaches children the art of dancing. The different dances being taught are the very popular hip hop and kwaito dance styles with a mixture of a unique contemporary ballet style. Children who join this program have dreams of becoming professional dancers and they take their dancing very serious. Only children attending school are allowed on the dance program because NEAD uses this program to encourage the youth to practice respect and discipline in their everyday life including academics. Each year a December school holiday enrichment camp will serve children and youth over a 2 week period. Young adults enrol and complete a job readiness/career search program, and families enrol in a fast track career program.

NEAD is serious about upholding its social responsibility towards local communities, recognizes that many South Africans still don’t know the South African Constitution and the rights and responsibilities contained within the Constitution, nor do they understand their Human Rights and how to access these rights. NEAD is committed to provide information and advice on Constitutional & Human Rights Law issues and provide legal advice, assistance and referrals to access these rights. NEAD forms partnerships with law firms that are able to take up cases of human rights concern pro bono.

The organization is committed to become the number 1 model organization for community development in South Africa.