Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation

Prudhoe , Eastern Cape

Inkwenkwezi Youth is rural youth-led non-governmental, not-for-profit organization in Ngqushwa Local Municipality at Prudhoe community - Peddie. It was formed by unemployed graduates in 2015 to give back to their communities, and to gain practical workplace skills. Further, to be a platform for the youth and young women to showcase their skills and talents. The organization is managed by 100% black management with 80% women representation and servicing 100% black rural population.

Strategic intent

Crime free society wherein the youth is safe, employable, academically achieving, healthy and sociallly connected.


Mainstream youth in all sectors of society, promote healthy living and academic excellence; and to combat crime through:

  • Sports;
  • Instilling moral and cultural values at an early stage of human development;
  • Youth dialogues;
  • Gender equity;
  • Enterprise Development;
  • After school activities; and
  • Skills development.


Empowered , self-reliant youth who initiate and participate in socio-economic development of self and others trapped in similar socio-economic conditions.

Principles and Values

  • Mutual respect - among colleagues and partners in the spirit of cooperation.
  • Open and honest dialogue and engagement.
  • Sharing of information.
  • Uniformity in service provision to youth.
  • Equity - promote understanding of inequalities among youth.
  • Equality - service youth equitably.
  • Good governance and transparency.
  • Team work and Accountability.