Pretoria , Gauteng

I-Lead teaches safety awareness and self-defence as a life skill empowerment programme to women and children in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

Our activities and discussions help women and children identify risks, evaluate their strengths, and explore their options for dealing with a violent threat. We provide fun and energetic training programmes, designed to educate and promote awareness regardless of the participants’ level of fitness or self-defence knowledge.

Our life skills empowerment programmes include: 

  • Safety awareness. 
  • Scenario-based physical self-defence techniques. 
  • Weapons defence.
  • Survival first aid. 
  • Breathe Through Trauma series – yoga.
  • Train-the-Trainer programmes - we empower rural community members so that they can continue empowering women and children within their areas. 

Over the years we’ve realised that in order to truly empower our participants to reach safety, we need to assist with ‘empowerment through education’ and ‘empowerment through financial freedom.’ We also assist with building job skills and facilitating job placements and internships. We’ve been operating since 2012, with a goal to make women and children feel safer and more confident.