Hope (stella from hope helping people everywhere )

Johannesburg , Gauteng

we help new mommies with clothing food ,bedding stuff, towels, curtains ,shoes, tekkies,and new mommies with baby stuff like a kot .a pram .a baby bath and baby essentials soap shampoo earbuds bottles formula baby powered nappies blankets clothing and what ever a new born need and we help small children with stationary for school and we help adults with clothing and once a month we hand out food parcels and once a year we have a Xmas lunch and hand out hot dogs and cold drink and toys for so 350 children, we also in need of a bakkie as some donations we need to collect then we must say no as we do not have a bakkie to collect the furniture or house hold stuff that the people need we are very short of our monthly food parcels.

we need mieliemeel rice pasta tin food aunts pap cool drinks sweets biscuits tin food milk dishwasher liquid toilet rolls face soap washing powder shampoo toothpaste toothbrushes underarm sprei for men and woman baby formula like Nan sugar tea coffee cremora long life milk hany andy sunlight soap nappies for babies and adults everything you have in your home we need for 109 families at the moment we can help 50 to 60 families for 3 to 4 days food and we need lots more food for 109 families