Epic Foundation

Johannesburg , Gauteng

The Gauteng-based EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta has a deep understanding of how lonely and helpless one can feel if no-one reaches out a helping hand. Having experienced these situations in life encouraged her to provide that helping hand to others in the form of assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma.

Alta has been managing projects for rape survivors and others in the Gauteng area since 2011, specifically the Comfort Pack Project. She has established a wide network for distributing these bags, ranging from small Victim Empowerment Centres that are linked to the police stations, to larger rape crisis/trauma centres. As the need for this projecthas grown tremendously over the last year, it was decided to establish the EPIC Foundation to be able to serve the Gauteng community better.

We live in a society where people often find themselves in difficulty due to trauma, crime, unemployment and other circumstances beyond their control. Everyone has the right to be given assistance to help work through these hard times and to be empowered to uplift their lives. It is our mission to put projects and tools in place to make this possible for men, women and children.